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Tribulations of a Domestic Rug:

Rugs, don’t we all just love them? These warm and cozy emblems of comfort and luxury! But do we really want to deal with the maintenance problems that come along with these rugs? Household rugs tend to wear out in a short period of time and need regular maintenance and cleaning to look good for a long time.

Usually, rugs have longer, more protruding fibers as compared to normal carpets. These fiber become a haven to all the little dust and sand particles. The dust gets stuck in minuscule fibers and is not only hard but impossible to take out with a vacuum cleaner. This gives the rug a dull appearance.

Stains are also a very common problem with rugs and due to the long fibers, they become even harder to remove!

Cleaning at Home? Yeah Right!

Cleaning them at home can prove very tremulous. Cleaning rugs at home can be very risky and ruin you expensive rug. There a thousand different types of rugs out there and you don’t know how to properly treat one. The stains on the rugs are really tough to remove and if cleaned with everyday bleaching or detergent liquids, it might ruin your rug by damaging it terribly. What you need is pro assistance.

Acquire Professional Assistance:

Here at Rug Cleaning Walnut Creek, we meet just the requirements to professionally clean your rugs. We will use our completely green and natural formulas to impeccably clean your rugs. That’s right! All of our formulas are completely green, Eco-friendly and bio degradable. This makes them effective yet very gentle. So, your rugs will be cleaned to the core without causing any possible sort of damage.

Our alternative cleaning methods like steaming and dry cleaning will completely rid you rug of the dust and dirt. This will give your carpets a radiant appearance, almost as if it was bought just the day before and the foul smell will be replaced by a clean smell that will add an aura of cleanliness and freshness to your rug and your living abode.

Being completely green makes our formulas non-toxic and pollution free. Thus no pollution is spread while cleaning your rug and these formulas are also safe for kids. If you have small kids or pets running around the house then you’ll be reassured to know that these effective and proficient formulas are completely safe for household cleaning.

Give Us a Call:

Just give us a call and let us take care of the rest! A booking with us can be easily made over the phone so just pick up your phone and dial our number. We have a team of highly skilled and intellectual customer care representatives who wait to assist you in every way possible, regarding our service.

You can also generate an instant price estimate from our home page, just fill in a simple form with your requirements and send it our way. We will instantly get back to you with your price quote so you can plan your costs beforehand.

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